Sebol-Transport company provides services in the field of automobile transport in the whole Europe and Poland.


Our advantages:


• We provide services for individual customers (e.g. import, car haulage).
• We cooperate with car-selling companies (e.g. the delivery of cars to our customers to the specified address or car dealerships).
• We provide the services of car transport for both domestic and international vehicle manufacturers.
• We transport premium cars – not only the vehicles fitted with low suspension but also vintage models.
• In addition, we transport accident vehicles. We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal (e.g. wheel dollies, mechanic car elevators, wedges).
• We have a fleet of lorries(Br)/trucks(Am) which can transport from 1 to 8 cars per one delivery.
• Our vehicles are equipped with GPS – on our customer’s special request it is possible to create a subaccount by means of which the customer can constantly trace the location of their goods.
• We have carrier’s liability insurance and all the necessary licences (Br)/licenses(Am) for the delivery of all services regarding domestic and international transport.
• Our drivers have both extensive expertise and experience.


We invite you to cooperate with us!

Our calculator can estimate the cost of any kind of transport concerning a foreign car (transportation from abroad), an undamaged car, a damaged vehicle or a car model which is out of service – all of them may be transported from such countries as: France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria and/or Portugal.


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